The founders and partners of Vison Oy are all long-term operators and key-players in the real estate and construction industry.

* * *

Lauri Merikallio, Partner

Lauri has become thoroughly familiar with the lean philosophy and its application in projects and provision of services. One of the innovations he has introduced in Finland is the Lean Construction concept and alliance model.

Lauri completed his M.Sc. (Eng.) studies in the Helsinki University of Technology in 1992, where traffic engineering and construction economy were his main subjects. In 2006-07 he studied as a post graduate in the University of California Berkley.

Lauri enjoy to sail and listen to music in his free time.

* * *

Antti Piirainen, Partner

Antti is highly experienced in the management of public agencies and state owned enterprises. He has worked as a change manager and coach in Lifim and state administration, and has been an entrepreneur since 2008. He has diverse knowledge of the procurement and outsourcing of public sector services. Currently he is working towards a change in the culture, productivity and customer oriented approach of the real estate- and construction industries, as well as of the social and health services. His key words in the process are Lean, integrating the parties, value targeting and for the project's own good.

Antti graduated as a M.Sc. (Eng.) from the Helsinki University of Technology in 1977, where traffic engineering was his main subject.

On his free time Antti likes to do bird watching, play golf, take part in different cultural experiences and listen to chamber music as well as Pekka Kuusisto, Meta4 and Šostakovitš.

* * *

Jani Saarinen, Partner

Jani is a specialist of strategical leadership and continuous challenging. He has long-term work experience in international organisations: World Road Association (PIARC), expert workgroups at OECD, the Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) and European Property Federation (EPF). He has worked as the CEO of the oldest engineering office of Finland, RAKLI. At Vison he is responsible for the planning and tendering of demanding real estate- and construction projects, such as churches, tramlines, ICT- projects among other things.

Jani graduated as a M.Sc. (Eng.) from the Tampere University of Technology in 1991, where infrastructure engineering was his major field of studies.

On his free time Jani plays tennis and rinkball and likes to host or take part in wine tastings.

* * *

Anders Nordström, Partner

Anders is an all-around experienced manager in both public and private sectors. He has worked as a chief executive officer for several years in both Finland and other Nordic countries. Anders is responsible for the planning and tendering of the implementation models of demanding procurements. He also works for improving the productivity of the construction business.

Anders is a cooperative M.Sc (Eng.) of traffic engineering from Helsinki University of Technology and also a "partneringledare", certified in Sweden.

On his free time Anders likes to do boating and tinkering.

* * *

Eero Moilanen, Partner

Eero has a strong experience in managing changes in Morenia Oy and Destia Oy and the predecessor of the latter, State Owned Road Enterprise DESTIA. He has a degree from the school of CEOs and also practical experience. Eero has expertise especially in building churches, improving procurements, streamlining processes and doing "more together".

Eero usually arrives to meetings by bike.

Being almost an eternal student, Eero graduated as a M.Sc. (Eng.) from the University of Oulu in 2001.

On his free time Eero enjoys yoga, orienteering, trail-running, competing in adventure contests, biking and cross country skiing. In 2008 he got a Finnish title of Maraton Councelor for running the Helsinki City Marathon 10 time.

* * *

Aleksi Heinonen, Partner

Aleksi is an international pioneer of takt production, who trains constructors to reach the 100 year lead that the manufacturing industry has.

Aleksi has studied product development and industrial economy in the Helsinki University of Technology and graduated as a M.Sc.
(Eng.) in 2007.

On his free time Aleksi likes to spend time with his family at the cottage, boating or at his children’s side at their hobbies.

* * *

Juha Virolainen, Partner

Juha is an expert of cooperation contracts and public procurements, who has previously worked in both public and private sectors with construction procurements. He has worked as the jurisprudence in many alliance projects ever since the very first one.

Juha has graduated as a bachelor of law from the University of Helsinki in 1993 and as a master of law with court training in 1998.

Juha spends his free time doing chores at his house- and cottage properties, being diligent with endless woodwork and doing outdoor sports.

* * *

Rami Tuokko, Development Director

Rami is a professional who works with demanding construction and infrastructure projects. Rami is highly experienced in designing and implementing collaborative project procurement procedures. Additionally, Rami is skilled in project system design and project management, for instance.

Rami has graduated as a M.Sc (Eng.) of real estate management and investment from the Aalto University.

Rami likes to play floor ball and run marathons.

* * *

Miika Ronkainen, Business Director

Miika is a versatile specialist in project management. He has strong skills in the planning and implementing contract models and procurement procedures. He has been procuring the parties of several large and complicated co-operational projects, such as Rail Jokeri, Bridge hospital and the New H Building at Vaasa Central Hospital. As a counterweight for procurement consulting Miika has experience on numerous trainings and projects regarding the developing of construction industry. Those are for example Last Planner and tact production among others. In the field of Lean – thinking he is specialized in Villego simulation.

Miika has graduated as a M.Sc. (Eng.) in the industrial engineering and management with quality- and project managing as his major. His thesis Miika did on the selection of implementation in real estate and construction projects.

On his free time Miika can be found at the gym, playing beach volley, or trying to break his drive record of 300 meters on the golf course.

* * *

Anna-Maija Hietajärvi, Senior Adviser

Anna-Maija works as a specialist of cooperation projects at Vison. She has know-how on procurement consulting and evaluating and developing co-operational projects, such as Big Room – operating. Anna-Maija is responsible for coordinating IPT2- group project (

She has graduated as a M.Sc. (Eng.) of industrial engineering and management, with the management of supply chain as her major. In 2017 she did her PhD on “The capabilities for managing an alliance project”. Previously she has worked for example for VTT Oy in the field of managing the logistics and supply chain.

Anna-Maija likes to use her free time in running and cross country skiing and spend time with her family.

* * *

Rauli Hämäläinen, Project Manager

Rauli is a professional, who has a strong experience in infrastructure projects in which he has worked on different designing and consulting tasks. Rauli's strengths are BIM, scheduling and cost management.

Beyond working hours, Rauli likes to read, sport, sail and enjoy his time.

* * *

Sari Koskelo, Project Manager

Sari works as a project manager at Vison Oy. She is especially interested to develop collaboration practices in the construction projects.

Sari has graduated as M.Sc. (Eng.) of industrial engineering and management from the University of Oulu in 2017. Her Master's Thesis was concerning the design and implementation of Big Room activities in project alliances. After her thesis projects she continued to study collaboration in construction projects.

On her free time Sari spends time at home with her family, meets her friends and exercises.

* * *

Annika Brandt, Integration Specialist

Annika is a psychologist, who's expertise is work- and organization psychology. She developes and facilitates the Big Room activities and evaluates peoples' collaboration capabilities. Annika's master's thesis addressed the connection between work environment and the equity of leadership and the functionality of alliance in Finnish constructing projects.

Besides psychology, Annika has also studied leadership, communications, pedagogy and consumer economy among others.

On Annika's free time she plays the violin in the orchestra of students of medicine.

* * *

Juho Laine, Lawyer

Juho works for Vison as a younger consultant. His job description includes projects’ acquisitions and assisting with project duties.

Juho has graduated as a master of law from the university of Helsinki in 2018. In his studies Juho focused especially on corporate- and contract law and he’s been augmenting his expertise by working in several companies’ boards.

On his free time Juho likes doing sports and spends time for example at his summer cottage.

* * *

Maarit Taponen, Project Assistant

Maarit works as a project assistant at Vison. She takes care of diverse tasks of the fast growing firm, such as handling customer information and organizing training events.

Maarit graduated in 2017 as a BBA from Haaga-Helia, where she specialized in HR.

She spends her free time doing various types of sports and traveling all around.