Our services

Execution of systemic changes

We execute for our client organisations and their cooperation partners change projects, which yield larger and smaller systemic changes and goals.

For the execution and implementation of changes, we offer

  • solutions for the execution of complex projects
  • takt production and collaborative scheduling
  • joint development projects
  • organisation-specific change projects
  • analyses for the development of a business line or administration

Execution of projects

We act as experts in the execution of large and complex projects or comprehensive services. In these projects we create the framework and operating models between the client and service providers to achieve a cooperation that is useful for each and every party.

For the execution of projects we define the common goals, and the execution forms and procurement models in line with the goals. We also develop cooperation and contract models suitable for the projects, and the commercial models and incentives for their implementation. The development is carried out in the form of cooperation between clients and service providers.

Typically, these projects are large infrastructure or real estate projects or service and data system procurements. Complex projects usually entail major or unidentified risks.

In the largest scale, we provide a concept for the execution of procurements by way of various cooperation or alliance models.

Takt production and collaborative scheduling

  • Takt planning and implementation
    • Development of takt plans
    • More detailed logistics planning
    • Sub-contractor commitment
    • Daily management pratices and continuous improvement
  • LPS implementation in design and construction phases

Joint development projects

We execute joint projects for the development of a line of business or the provision of service of organisations, with the goal of solving problems and developing new modes of operation together with the different parties of the order-delivery chain. The projects are built around a common target or a problem.

For joint development projects we bring together 10 to 20 organisations, who represent the order-delivery chain. Typically, the projects of the real estate and construction industry entail a number of clients, real estate developers, representatives of design and architectural offices, construction companies and their subcontractors. A group project can also be established by gathering a number of parties, who order and provide the same type of service.

The underlying idea behind these joint projects is to execute a change project together by benchmarking different parties at mutual development workshops or in practical pilot projects. The best ideas for development as well as innovations for an order-delivery chain are typically provided by the service providers and subcontractors (Management model for the innovation capacity of an organisation, Jukka Yliherva, University of Oulu 2004).

If needed, also the professional level and operating level of different parties are mapped through customer surveys in the projects both before and after.

Organisation-specific change projects

We act as experts, facilitators or coaches in the change projects of individual organisations. We create the framework for the execution of changes and for new innovative solutions.

We act as experts in the development of procurement activities, tendering, contract and joint action models.

We provide our consultation service by individual projects or organisations.

Analyses and surveys

We act as administrators or solve structural problems in a line of business or organisation. We carry out surveys in the form of interviews or development workshops for the solution of single problems.

In the development analyses we map the current situation of operations, development challenges, and make propositions for their solution. If necessary, we seek for solutions in cooperation with all the operators.


Please contact us with your need. We expand or establish the execution of changes according to your need.