Takt Production System

We have developed takt production systems with several construction companies and owners for dozens of different kinds of projects:

  • Residential construction and renovation projects,
  • Industrial projects,
  • Office buildings,
  • Infrastructure projects

Our customers are mostly major Finnish construction companies and owners such as YIT, University of Helsinki, VR Track (NRG Group), Consti Group, Fira, SRV and Haahtela.

Project System Development - Procurement consulting of IPDs and complex projects - Big Room and integration consultation

We have consulted numerous clients, such as cities and municipalities, hospital districts and parishes, for a diverse set of projects including i.e. hospitals, schools or multipurpose buildings, churches, roads and tunnels, and residential buildings. You can find some of our reference projects listed below.

Building projects

  • Laakso joint hospital (700 M€)
  • Kanta-Häme Central Hospital (350 M€)
  • Ylivieska Church (10 M€)
  • New H-building at Vaasa Central Hospital (130-150 M€)
  • Bridge Hospital (295 M€)
  • Kuopio University Hospital (120 M€)
  • Tesoma Well-being Center (140 M€)
  • Oulu University Hospital
  • Kainuu Hospital (153 M€)
  • Espoonlahti Church (8 M€)
  • Hiukkavaara Multipurpose building (22 M€)
  • Syvälahti Multipurpose building (28 M€)
  • Naantali NA4 CHP Multi-Fuel Power Plant (50 M€)

Infrastructure projects

  • Tampere Tramline (280 M€)
  • Äänekoski Railway (80 M€)
  • Jokeri Light Rail line (370 M€)
  • Hailuoto BridgeTampere Tunnel (180 M€)
  • Taavetti Lappeenranta Motorway (80 M€)