Lauri Merikallio was awarded as the Civil Engineer of the year 2016!


On Friday, April 22, the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers awarded Lauri Merikallio of Vison as "the Civil Engineer of 2016" at their spring meeting in Oulu. The decision was supported by Meriallio's more than 25 years of experience in demanding management and expert tasks and his international impact in Lean Construction networks.
Merikallio is actively striving to achieve closer cooperation in the construction field by building execution models that integrate clients and service providers.

"The alliance model has been and will be an excellent execution model that promotes the development of operating methods and culture for improved integration and cooperation," Merikallio says. He has had a vital role in introducing the integrated forms of execution and the alliance model in the Finnish construction business.

Utilization of the skills and sharing the benefits between different parties will contribute to a greater success with project and procurements. The rewarding of Merikallio indicates that Vison has taken the right path in striving to increase integration and cooperation in the construction field, while Merikallio has had a central role in this change. 


"For a success in this work it is necessary to have clients like the Finnish Transport Agency, City of Tampere and University of Helsinki, who have the will to do things differently. And naturally, also service providers, who are motivated and wish to develop their services," tells Jani Saarinen. "Granting the reward to Lauri, however, is an indication that we have done things right. The business of this company is also built on joint pursuits and work and Lauri has had the central role in all this."

According to Merikallio, he intends to celebrate the nomination together with his clients in his work, all projects and every day.

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