Vison involved in a maintenance project of the Finnish Transport Agency


The Finnish Transport Agency is launching the maintenance of the railway network and safety gear of Southwest Finland, using the alliance model. This is the first service alliance of the Transport Agency and the first time, when the alliance model is tested in railway maintenance. The partner in the five-year service contract is VR Track Oy, who was selected in a negotiation procedure according to the Public Procurement Act.
The intention with the development stage that has only just started is to specify the content of maintenance in the area, form the alliance organization, procure all other necessary resources and plan the maintenance and its targeted budget. Should the development stage be unsuccessful, the parties will have the right to withdraw from the project. The execution stage, which will start on April 1, 2017 is going to be divided into three maintenance cycles that contain separate orders.
According to Eero Liehu, the maintenance manager of the area, the Transport Agency has had good experience from alliance projects and this is namely the reason why the Transport Agency ended up testing the alliance model also in maintenance. With the new execution model, the Agency strives to achieve not only the improvement of the service level and productivity, but also operating models and working methods that are entirely new.

The five-year service alliance involves planning and execution of the maintenance of 2 tracks and their safety devices in the maintenance area, including servicing and maintenance of the railway bridges, overhead structures as well as equipment and devices in the area. The contract period extends to 2022, including another two-year option. The service has been budgeted to 4.8 MEUR per year for the five-year validity period of the contract.

The service alliance has been planned by public procurement units under a joint development project for demanding procurements ( The expert services and execution of the procurement has been the responsibility of Vison Alliance Partners Oy.

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4/22/16Vison involved in a maintenance project of the Finnish Transport Agency
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4/1/16The city of Tampere executing welfare services with the alliance model
3/23/16Iina Miettinen became the Communication Assistant of Vison Alliance Partners Oy
12/14/15Vison - the alliance consultant of the Äänikoski railway project

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