Rauli Hämäläinen started as a Project Manager


Rauli Hämäläinen (MSc. Eng.) started as a Project Manager at Vison Oy. Rauli has a diverse experience in designing and project consulting in the construction and infrastructure industry.

Rauli graduated from Tampere University of Technology in 2017. He has earlier finished his Bachelor Degree in Oulu University of Applied Science. In his studies, his major subject was Civil engineering.

10/23/18Rauli Hämäläinen started as a Project Manager
10/15/18The first project alliance began in Norway
8/22/16Civil Engineer (M. Sc) of the Year, Lauri Merikallio,challenges to think in a new way
4/29/16Äänikoski railway project in progress at full speed
4/25/16Lauri Merikallio was awarded as the Civil Engineer of the year 2016!
4/22/16Vison involved in a maintenance project of the Finnish Transport Agency
4/20/16Helsinki organizing a competition for development of central Jakomäki with the alliance model
4/1/16The city of Tampere executing welfare services with the alliance model
3/23/16Iina Miettinen became the Communication Assistant of Vison Alliance Partners Oy
12/14/15Vison - the alliance consultant of the Äänikoski railway project

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