Vison Oy

Systemic changes from radical thinking

Leading public administration clients and the most competitive companies on an international scale have developed client-oriented operating methods and processes for themselves through systemic changes. Systemic changes literally mean comprehensive changes in a cross-border operating model or process of the whole operation and several sectors. Such changes are born from radical thinking, challenging the old ways, utilizing new innovations or implementing new technologies. At best, changes simply occur by learning from each other and through cooperation aimed at mutual targets.

Focus on client´s needs and value for money

Construction, public services and data systems are often too expensive to carry out, or fail to meet the expectations of clients, even though Finland has the ability to achieve world-class solutions, such as The Helsinki Music Centre, basic school education or data systems. However, services in the real estate and construction field, such as public healthcare or data system procurements could be executed with a better quality, cost-efficiency and orientation to users namely by means of systemic changes. Such changes require cross-border cooperation and authentic customer-orientation and Value for money thinking.

Productivity and welfare

The mission of Vison Oy is to help operators in the fields to make systemic changes for the purpose of improved client satisfaction, productivity and welfare. Vison acts as a facilitator, coach and expert in the process of change towards these targets.

To make sure that our clients achieve their targets and even more, we in our operations place special emphasis on the early integration of parties, Lean thinking and Value for money. Our services are suitable for both larger and smaller projects that require systemic changes, procurement and execution of projects and services, procurements in the public sector, even welfare services as well as change and development projects of business line organizations.


Rauli Hämäläinen started as a Project Manager(10/23/18)
Rauli Hämäläinen (MSc. Eng.) started as a Project Manager at Vison Oy. Rauli has a diverse experience in designing and project consulting in the construction and..

The first project alliance began in Norway(10/15/18)
The first project alliance, the motorway project below Trondheim, has begun in Norway. In Norway, there are many upcoming projects and people are worried how to..

Civil Engineer (M. Sc) of the Year, Lauri Merikallio,challenges to think in a new way(8/22/16)
Vision of the infra-industry veteran, also called a godfather of alliance and new integrated procurement model, is to raise Finland to the top of Europe in execution..

Äänikoski railway project in progress at full speed(4/29/16)
The overhaul and electrification of Äänikoski railway started in a short period immediately after the Labour Day, as the parties to the alliance, the Finnish Transport..

Lauri Merikallio was awarded as the Civil Engineer of the year 2016!(4/25/16)
On Friday, April 22, the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers awarded Lauri Merikallio of Vison as "the Civil Engineer of 2016" at their spring meeting in Oulu..

Vison involved in a maintenance project of the Finnish Transport Agency(4/22/16)
The Finnish Transport Agency is launching the maintenance of the railway network and safety gear of Southwest Finland, using the alliance model. This is the first..